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Resolved: Technical issues affecting the webserver and also payments

17 June 2017  NEWS

The issues have been resolved. Read more

WireGuard test server in Netherlands available


If you'd like to test WireGuard with Mullvad, we now have three dedicated test servers available, one in Sweden, U.S.A and our newest one in the Netherlands! Read more

Tips for keeping a blog anonymous

7 June 2017  PRIVACY

Ever thought about establishing a blog but wanted to remain anonymous? Our latest privacy-related guide covers this topic and gives you tips for keeping your pen name and real identity separate. Read more

Filled: Hiring full-time developer with infrastructure focus

2 June 2017  NEWS JOBS

-- The position has been filled -- Read more

Client version 63 released


Version 63 of the Mullvad client which includes a bunch of fixes for our Windows users and an upgrade to OpenVPN 2.4.2 is now available for download. Read more

The audits of OpenVPN 2.4 have been completed

16 May 2017  NEWS SECURITY

As one of the sponsors of one of the audits, Mullvad is pleased to see that no major security issues were found. The issues that have been reported back to the OpenVPN developers have been … Read more

Resolved: Issues with paypal payments

5 May 2017  NEWS

Resolved: We are currently having issues with paypal payments taking a lot longer to get processed, we apologize for the inconvenience Read more

Learn to use encrypted email

27 April 2017  PRIVACY

Our new privacy guide on using encrypted email walks you through setting up the Mozilla Thunderbird email application in order to easily send PGP-encrypted emails and even decrypt received messages. Read more

WireGuard test server in U.S. available


If you would like to test WireGuard with Mullvad, we now have two dedicated test servers available, a new one in New York, U.S.A, and the first one in Sweden. Read more

Learn how to encrypt messages

7 April 2017  PRIVACY

Learn about the basics of encryption in our latest guide on privacy. We'll walk you through the steps on how to create your own encryption key, how to encrypt a message and send it to … Read more

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