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Communicate anonymously
avoiding surveillance and censorship

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Secure internet access

We offer a personal VPN that passes all internet traffic to and from your computer through our anonymising and uncensored servers using an encrypted tunnel.

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Strong anonymity

We ask for no personal information - you just have a numbered account. We accept anonymous payments with Bitcoin and cash in the mail. We do not log the activities of our users.

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Very easy to use

Just start our powerful open source client program. That's it! It takes care of all network and VPN configuration and then continues to keep everything secure.

Mullvad counteracts:

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Local mass surveillance

When a government or corporation near you is spying on all internet traffic then using Mullvad will make them unable to read yours by sending it encrypted to our servers.

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Mullvad bypasses all blocks and filtering and gives you access to the real, uncensored internet.

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Traffic shaping

Some internet service providers discriminate against certain protocols or give some actors preferential treatment to the detriment of all others. With Mullvad they can't do this as all traffic looks the same to them.

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Insecure wireless networks

Public wireless networks in airports, train stations, cafés, schools, libraries, et cetera can be eavesdropped on over the air or by the operator. Mullvad prevents this by encrypting all traffic sent through such a network.

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The media cartels have been given a legal right in the EU to secretly force internet service providers to identify the customer behind an IP address to the media companies. Mullvad hides your IP address, making this impossible.

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Data retention

The EU Data Retention Directive and similar laws force internet service providers to record what IP address everyone uses at any time and to keep this information available to governments. With Mullvad that address is only used with us and is not visible on the internet.

Latest news:

USA available again

The first new server in the USA is up and running. More are on their way.

New Canadian servers, no US servers

We now have servers in Canada. For now, we don't have servers in the USA. We just lost two ...

Version 49 released

Version 49 is now available for download. It contains a patch against the FREAK vulnerability. Users of our client for ...


The recently disclosed vulnerability in OpenSSL named FREAK can be used to attack OpenVPN clients. We have released a new ...

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