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Yesterday's service disruption due to emergency patching

17 February 2016  NEWS

Less than 24 hours ago Google disclosed a vulnerability in glibc, a software library used by many Linux programs. The vulnerability likely affects a large portion of the world's servers, can be exploited remotely, and … Read more

Working iOS 9 configurations

27 January 2016  NEWS

As we've reported before, using our old configuration files on iOS 9 will not work as intended. We have now started to provide new configuration files specifically for iOS 9 which supposedly fixes this issue … Read more

Version 58 released

20 January 2016  NEWS MULLVAD VPN APP

A bug was discovered in version 57 which caused some trouble for users running with the Windows Firewall disabled. This has now been fixed in version 58. Read more

Version 57 released

18 January 2016  NEWS MULLVAD VPN APP

Version 57 of the Mullvad client is now available for download. Read more

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