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Delivering faster speeds in Malmö

8 June 2018  NEWS

Connect to our VPN servers in Malmö, Sweden, and you'll likely experience faster speeds. Read more

Level-up for Helsinki

28 May 2018  NEWS

We've gone from renting to fully owning our servers in Helsinki, Finland, just as we do in the Netherlands, Sweden, and Norway. Read more

Gothenburg goes live

25 May 2018  NEWS

We've finally given some love to our home town of Gothenburg, now the fourth location in Sweden where we've established VPN servers, joining Malmö, Helsingborg, and Stockholm. Read more

GDPR and your right to data privacy

24 May 2018  NEWS PRIVACY

By now, you've probably experienced a steady stream of emails landing in your inbox, all pertaining to the privacy policies of online services that you use. You read them all before giving your consent, right? Read more

Use Mullvad on your Chromebook

23 May 2018  NEWS

The wait is over for Chromebook users – thanks to the introduction of the Google Play app store on Chrome OS, you can now run Mullvad on your Google laptop! Read more

WireGuard configuration tool has a new function - Download all


Our WireGuard configuration generator has a new "All" option. If you select "All" under "First server," you will download a ZIP archive containing configuration files for all destinations. Read more

OpenVPN configuration tool has a new function - Use IP addresses

11 May 2018  NEWS FEATURES

Our OpenVPN configuration generator has a new option, “Use IP addresses”. Read more

Open source for a better world

25 April 2018  NEWS

Did you know that the majority of our own software is open and freely accessible to anyone? That's because we believe in the open-source model. Read more

Mullvad sponsors Security Fest

6 April 2018  NEWS

We are proud to sponsor this summer's Security Fest to be held in Gothenburg, Sweden, on June 1. Read more

Ending support for older versions – update now!


Now is the time to download the latest version of the Mullvad client. We are ending support for old versions. Read more

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