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How we’re knocking down ads and tracking

9 June 2021  FEATURES

We have added a feature to our iOS app, that removes another; DNS with ad and/or tracker blocking. Just a swipe away. But first, let’s dig deeper into how we’ve set up this feature. Read more

How to set up ad blocking in our app

27 May 2021  FEATURES

We've all appreciated those award-winning commercials worthy of every bit of praise, but we also got our fair share of dreadful ads. Soon: on/off-button for Ad-blocking in our app. Until, do this if you please. Read more

Support for custom DNS servers launched

15 April 2021  FEATURES

We now offer support for custom DNS server configuration on the desktop and Android versions of the Mullvad VPN app. We haven’t yet evaluated this option for iOS. Read more

SOCKS for expats – try ours on for a better browsing experience

8 April 2021  FEATURES

If you’ve got your feet (and your browsing habits) planted in two different countries, you might want to try our SOCKS proxy – utilitarian but beautifully knitted together with our WireGuard® servers. Read more

Mullvad DoH and DoT – beta release


We have released a beta of our encrypted DNS. Hosted and created by us, an audited non-logging VPN service. We are thirsting for your input before we take this service to the next level. Read more

The Perks of Being a Shadow Jumper

30 August 2019  FEATURES

Let’s jump right into how to hop from one place to another – all the way into the shadows. Read more

Connect faster to multihop and Shadowsocks, directly in the Mullvad app

23 July 2019  FEATURES

Did you know that the Mullvad VPN app is automatically equipped to use Shadowsocks and multihopping? It's true! We'll tell you how to speed up your connection time. Read more

What’s App?

12 July 2019  FEATURES

How does our “Kill Switch” work? Are you really safe with our app when your computer joins a new WiFi network? And which default setting should you change (scroll down to number 4!)? Read more

New tool – test your forwarded ports

29 June 2018  FEATURES

Curious to know if your forwarded ports with Mullvad are working? We've developed a tool for that! Give our new port check a try. Read more