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The Mullvad Blog

Keep up to date on developments at Mullvad. New versions of our app, security updates, job posts – find it all here.

Mullvad sponsors OWASP security meetup

29 August 2019  NEWS SECURITY

We are proud to be sponsoring the upcoming security meetup hosted by OWASP Gothenburg, a local chapter of the Open Web Application Security Project - September 26 Read more

Open-source firmware is the future


Today we are proud to announce the porting of coreboot, an open-source firmware, to the Supermicro X11SSH-TF server platform. Read more

Secure WiFi, happy LiFi

28 June 2019  NEWS SECURITY

Is anybody reading over your shoulder? Sure? Look again. Hard to know when you are on your device, but some WiFi networks are hostile networks that see every move you make. Read more

System Transparency is the future


Since we started Mullvad VPN over 10 years ago, we have been obsessed with the question, “How do we demonstrate our trustworthiness to our users?” Read more

Read results of security audit on Mullvad app

24 September 2018  SECURITY NEWS

The final report of the external security audit on our VPN app, version 2018.2, is now publicly available. Read more

Security audit of Mullvad app completed – please upgrade

20 September 2018  SECURITY

We recently requested an external security audit to be performed on our VPN app, version 2018.2. Read more

Introducing a post-quantum VPN, Mullvad's strategy for a future problem

8 December 2017  SECURITY

As the field of quantum computing progresses, it's possible that today's stored, encrypted information could be decrypted in the future. To mitigate this threat against privacy, we unveil our own post-quantum secure VPN tunnel. Read more

WireGuard is the future


Here at Mullvad, we've been spearheading the adoption of WireGuard in the VPN world. Our co-founder Fredrik Strömberg talks about how he first came across this promising VPN protocol and why he believes it's the … Read more

The audits of OpenVPN 2.4 have been completed

16 May 2017  NEWS SECURITY

As one of the sponsors of one of the audits, Mullvad is pleased to see that no major security issues were found. The issues that have been reported back to the OpenVPN developers have been … Read more

How to Tamper Protect a Laptop – With Nail Polish

14 December 2016  NEWS SECURITY

We just acquired a new laptop! And given our work with security, we do everything we can to protect our hardware. Even if it means using glittery nail polish. In this post, we'll show you … Read more