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WireGuard servers in 10 locations

23 August 2017  NEWS WIREGUARD

Germany and Switzerland are the two latest countries in which we have deployed WireGuard servers. Canada, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, the U.K, and two U.S. locations are also available. Read more

New features for WireGuard users


Read more

WireGuard servers in UK and France available

2 August 2017  NEWS WIREGUARD

If you'd like to test WireGuard with Mullvad, we now have two more countries on the list, namely UK and France! Read more

Mullvad donates to WireGuard

13 July 2017  NEWS WIREGUARD

If you've been following our blog recently, then you're well aware that we see potential in the WireGuard VPN protocol. We've therefore decided to support the project's development through December with a sizeable donation. Read more

How to run WireGuard on a router


If you're interested in WireGuard, then you'll want to read our newest guide on how to install and run WireGuard on a router. In this post, we outline the benefits of using WireGuard. Read more

Blocked four times in our quest

5 July 2017  NEWS

Last week, our entire team ventured deep into the very core of Mullvad Central. However, roadbloacks stood in our way. One obstacle was expected. Two wasn't a surprise. But they kept coming! Read more

Mullvad merch available

30 June 2017  NEWS

Many customers have inquired about Mullvad merchandise. Now's your chance! We have approximately 200 t-shirts and 8,000 stickers in stock. Snag some privacy swag by following the information below. Read more

Resolved: Technical issues affecting the webserver and also payments

17 June 2017  NEWS

The issues have been resolved. Read more

WireGuard test server in Netherlands available


If you'd like to test WireGuard with Mullvad, we now have three dedicated test servers available, one in Sweden, U.S.A and our newest one in the Netherlands! Read more

Filled: Hiring full-time developer with infrastructure focus

2 June 2017  NEWS JOBS

-- The position has been filled -- Read more

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