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The Mullvad Blog

Keep up to date on developments at Mullvad. New versions of our app, security updates, job posts – find it all here.

New servers in Sweden, Canada, and U.S.

22 February 2017  NEWS

Mullvad users in Stockholm, Toronto, Vancouver, and Buffalo, New York, can now experience markedly faster connections speeds through our newest, local VPN servers. This also means even better service for customers in the surrounding regions. Find … Read more

Discontinuing support for PPTP

31 January 2017  NEWS

At the end of February, we will discontinue our support for PPTP. This will only affect a minuscule number of Mullvad customers. Read more

Swish, our newest payment method!

23 January 2017  NEWS

-- 2018-09-03 We now use "swish för handel" - please do not send swish payment to the old swish number, use the swish payment-tab on our web! -- Read more

Use Mullvad on your Android device

5 January 2017  NEWS

Read more

Malmö datacenter currently down - resolved

1 January 2017  NEWS

Dear customers, Malmö had a power outage around 01:00am CET today, We are currently working with the aftermath of this Read more

Our year of expansion – looking back on 2016

19 December 2016  NEWS

We have had an amazing year at Mullvad. In 2016, we focused primarily on expanding our service across the globe. Here's a rundown of the improvements we've made: Read more

How to Tamper Protect a Laptop – With Nail Polish

14 December 2016  NEWS SECURITY

We just acquired a new laptop! And given our work with security, we do everything we can to protect our hardware. Even if it means using glittery nail polish. In this post, we'll show you … Read more

Four New Countries with Mullvad Servers

9 December 2016  NEWS

Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Italy are the latest countries home to Mullvad VPN servers. Our VPN server guide lists all available countries, including each location's server address. Read more

Use Mullvad on your iOS device

8 December 2016  NEWS

Mullvad is compatible with your preferred iOS device including iPhone and iPad. Our latest step-by-step guide shows you how to install and connect to Mullvad VPN on iOS. Read more

Privacy is a universal right

5 December 2016  NEWS PRIVACY

Mullvad was founded in 2009 purely with the ambition of protecting privacy. This blog post explains the fundamentals of privacy and why this important subject is often overlooked. Read more

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