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News — 2018/02/13

Bitcoin Cash now accepted

You can now pay with Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to top up your VPN time with Mullvad.

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Mullvad client — 2018/02/09

Client version 67 released

Windows and Linux users can now update to the newest version of our desktop client. Download version 67 now.

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Mullvad VPN app — 2018/01/31

Download now – beta version 9 with maps

Get a whole new visual experience with our VPN app by downloading beta version 9 for macOS. Remember to always have the latest beta; we do not support older versions.

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Mullvad VPN app — 2018/01/10

Download now – beta version 8 of VPN app

Upgrade your macOS Mullvad experience by downloading beta version 8 of our new VPN app. Remember to always have the latest beta; we do not support older versions.

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News — 2017/12/29

Reflecting on an exciting year

For us, 2017 has been an amazing year. We focused primarily on expanding our service across the globe while also reaching some exciting goals.

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Mullvad VPN app — 2017/12/13

Download now – beta version 7 of VPN app

Take advantage of new features and bug fixes in version 7 of our new VPN app. Current beta users, please upgrade as we don't support older versions.

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Security — 2017/12/08

Introducing a post-quantum VPN, Mullvad's strategy for a future problem

As the field of quantum computing progresses, it's possible that today's stored, encrypted information could be decrypted in the future. To mitigate this threat against privacy, we unveil our own post-quantum secure VPN tunnel.

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Jobs — 2017/12/05

Filled: Hiring full-time Rust developer for iOS/Android app

-- The position has been filled --

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News — 2017/12/01

New servers in Norway mean faster speeds for North Sea region

If you're connecting through our servers in Norway, you will now likely experience faster speeds, thanks to nine new servers in Oslo that we now fully own and have physical control over.

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