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Keep up to date on developments at Mullvad. New versions of our app, security updates, job posts – find it all here.

Chocolate with a pinch of privacy

22 May 2019  NEWS

If you're attending this year's Security Fest in Gothenburg, then you're in luck! Read more

WireGuard pre-alpha for Windows


The WireGuard Team has released a pre-alpha version for Windows, for testing! Read more

Requested fixes available in new app version

8 May 2019  MULLVAD APP

The latest stable release of the Mullvad VPN app is here with some fixes and small additions. Read more

Eat, sleep, repeat: what is a VPN?

18 April 2019  NEWS

A VPN (virtual private network) is a technology that establishes a secure tunnel between your device and our server. Read more

Windows install error fixed in latest app release

8 April 2019  MULLVAD APP

The newest version (2019.3) of the Mullvad VPN app fixes an installation error that Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users encountered. Read more

New app version brings WireGuard one step closer

29 March 2019  MULLVAD APP

Read more

Are We Worthy of Your Trust?

28 March 2019  NEWS

Our privacy tools require that you, our users, trust us. You should feel confident in expecting us to fulfill our commitment toward you, now and in the future. Read more

Suddenly can't connect to Mullvad?

22 March 2019  NEWS

It's a simple explanation with a simple solution – download the latest app or config files! Read more

Help us beta test in-app WireGuard!

21 March 2019  MULLVAD APP

Our newest beta version (2019.2-beta1) of the Mullvad VPN app is now out for testing. This version brings us one step closer to fully integrated in-app support for WireGuard! Read more

Two-year anniversary

15 March 2019  NEWS WIREGUARD

Two years fly fast. They pass you by and leave us with a load of memories. Sometimes it’s important to stop running and instead sit down and reflect upon what has happened with time. Read more

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