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Help us beta test in-app WireGuard!

21 March 2019  MULLVAD VPN APP

Our newest beta version (2019.2-beta1) of the Mullvad VPN app is now out for testing. This version brings us one step closer to fully integrated in-app support for WireGuard! Read more

Two-year anniversary

15 March 2019  NEWS WIREGUARD

Two years fly fast. They pass you by and leave us with a load of memories. Sometimes it’s important to stop running and instead sit down and reflect upon what has happened with time. Read more

Resolved: Stockholm Offline


Update: Stockholm is now back and running. Read more

Final warning: update Mullvad

5 March 2019  NEWS

Don't risk being unable to connect to our servers on 22 March. Update your Mullvad VPN app or configuration files! Read more

The Digital Stalker

1 March 2019  NEWS PRIVACY

Have you ever been to a clothing store and walked away without buying even a pair of socks? Then on the way home the manager of that same store chases you down the street? Read more

Our public DNS is changing

20 February 2019  NEWS MAINTENANCE

If you are using our public DNS, please change your configurations to use its new IP: Read more

WireGuard just got easier for macOS

20 February 2019  WIREGUARD

Don't you love it when someone tells you, "There's an app for that!"? Well, you macOS users who've been dying to try WireGuard, you know what we're about to say... Read more

One price to rule them all

14 February 2019  NEWS

Our VPN service costs €5/month. No holiday sales, no locked-in year-long subscriptions, no "free" plan. And these are just a few of the benefits! Read more

The meaning of (mobile device) life

14 February 2019  NEWS WIREGUARD

It helps to protect your phone from surveillance without draining your battery, connects and disconnects instantly and is really fast. Of course, we’re talking about WireGuard. Read more

Resolved: Problems with Bitcoin/BCH payments

10 February 2019  NEWS MAINTENANCE

Resolved: We're currently having issues with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payments not getting credited and working to get it fixed Read more

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