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The Mullvad Blog

Keep up to date on developments at Mullvad. New versions of our app, security updates, job posts – find it all here.

Improved censorship resistance

21 March 2013  NEWS

The Mullvad client program now detects and circumvents (using obfsproxy) OpenVPN filtering as used in China, Iran, Syria and other places. Read more

Getting started under censorship

7 March 2013  NEWS

In locations where our website is blocked our client program can be downloaded via BitTorrent instead. Read more

Version 33 released

28 September 2012  NEWS

Version 33 of the Mullvad client program is now available for download. It has many improvements and solves several problems. Read more

Troubleshooting OSX Mountain Lion

27 July 2012  NEWS

Problems in OSX Mountain Lion? See here. Read more

Version 32 for Linux released

3 May 2012  NEWS

Version 32 works on Ubuntu 12.04. Read more

Choice of exit country

12 April 2012  NEWS

You can now choose exit country. This is where the computer will seem to be located. The currently available countries are Sweden and the Netherlands. Simply pick your choice in the Settings in the latest … Read more

Version 29 for Linux released

25 January 2012  NEWS

Version 29 fixes a tray icon display problem under Unity. Read more

PPTP support

12 October 2011  NEWS

We now support the PPTP VPN protocol. Using this it is now easy to use our service on Android and iPhone / iPad. Read more

Version 28 for Mac released

30 August 2011  NEWS

Version 28 for Mac is now available for download. It has several improvements, the most important of which is that is works in OS X Lion (10.7). Read more

MacOS X Lion

28 July 2011  NEWS

MacOS X Lion (10.7) users can use the plain OpenVPN option while we are working on making the Mullvad client program available on Lion. Read more

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