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Big Data = Big Failure I

6 May 2021  PRIVACY

The vast amount of data collected today makes it possible to predict political opinions, beliefs, religion, and interests, a collection of data that is strictly forbidden by law. And in great need of abidance. Read more

Newest app release for desktop could improve performance (2021.3)

28 April 2021  NEWS

What’s new in the latest app for Windows, Linux, and macOS? For one, an upgrade that we hope will improve performance for many of you. Read on, then download and see for yourself. Read more

No risky business, just a new Windows certificate

23 April 2021  NEWS

Windows users, install our new Win-only beta (2021.3-beta2)! It has only one change: it’s signed with our new certificate. A certificate Microsoft hasn’t yet verified, but enough installs might help to speed up that process. Read more

(L)awful interception

22 April 2021  PRIVACY

One of democracy's foundations is the fact that all human beings have certain inalienable rights and freedoms. Suspended by trust and shared values. Today, trust and shared values are being replaced by “control and surveillance”. Read more

Support for custom DNS servers launched

15 April 2021  FEATURES

We now offer support for custom DNS server configuration on the desktop and Android versions of the Mullvad VPN app. We haven’t yet evaluated this option for iOS. Read more

SOCKS for expats – try ours on for a better browsing experience

8 April 2021  FEATURES

If you’ve got your feet (and your browsing habits) planted in two different countries, you might want to try our SOCKS proxy – utilitarian but beautifully knitted together with our WireGuard® servers. Read more

Four-month drought is over! New Android release is here (2021.1-beta1)

6 April 2021  NEWS

While you’ve been waiting, we’ve been busy! Read about the latest Mullvad VPN app release for Android, which includes support for custom (local) DNS servers, Burmese translation and more. Read more

Step up your privacy game with encrypted email (not just for techies)

31 March 2021  PRIVACY

As a kid, did you also assign each letter of the alphabet to another and write secret messages to your friends, perhaps even invisibly with lemon juice? Read more

Update: A minor change in our Terms of service

22 March 2021  NEWS

As strong believers in privacy and as allergic to any static information we made a minor change in our Terms of service. Port forwarding is no longer allowed on an account with an active subscription. Read more

Fresh catch: iOS release (2021.1) swims upstream


Be part of the bigger picture! Simply get the newest release of the Mullvad VPN app for iOS, and you’ll have some updated code in your pocket that we’ve made available to the wider community. Read more

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