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Unfortunate port shortage

10 February 2021  NEWS

That's it. We are officially out of ports. We knew this day would come; that 16 bits of memory in the TCP packet simply wouldn't be enough to provide port forwarding for everyone. Read more

Why we don't have servers everywhere

8 February 2021  PRIVACY

Whenever you or our other dear customers reach out asking if we could please, please, pleeeease, set up a server in your country, those pleas do not go unnoticed. Read more

We have upgraded all our OpenVPN servers to OpenVPN 2.5

4 February 2021  NEWS

By upgrading OpenVPN to 2.5 on our server side, we have improved some security issues that our audit highlighted and enabled support for ChaCha20-Poly1305 in the process. Read more

“Privacy is when restrooms have doors”

28 January 2021  PRIVACY

As kids, it’s something that our parents try to invade. Sometimes the only place we can find it is in the bathroom. On this year’s Data Privacy Day, we explore what privacy means to us. Read more

Problem resolved: API problem 2021-01-27

27 January 2021  NEWS

Problem resolved: 9.47am CET Read more

No PII or privacy leaks found in Cure53's Infrastructure audit

20 January 2021  EXTERNAL AUDITS

We invite you to read the final report of the first security-focused audit on Mullvad’s infrastructure, completed in December 2020. Read more

Three signals of a more privacy-friendly messaging app

15 January 2021  PRIVACY TIPS

Does your messaging app truly respect your privacy? Here are a few simple questions to ask to get a helpful answer. Plus, we tell you which messaging tool sends us all the right signals. Read more

A review of an API and certificate issue during the holidays

8 January 2021  NEWS

Over the Christmas holiday, we were alerted to and fixed an API issue that briefly prevented customers from making payments and creating new accounts. We invite you behind the scenes to learn what happened. Read more

Ending support for 2020.3 and 2020.4

7 January 2021  NEWS

On January 28, app versions 2020.3 and 2020.4 will stop working as we are discontinuing support for them. Begin the New Year right  update now to the latest, most secure version of Mullvad VPN. Read more

If we are seen, you won’t be - our marketing approach

5 January 2021  PRIVACY

Since our humble beginning, we’ve struggled with one question: how do we spread our message without supporting a data-hungry industry we don’t believe in? That’s why we've started using advertising methods that don’t track. Read more

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