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News — 2016/09/09

New servers in England and Norway

We've expanded our territory with VPN connections via England and Norway. If you're already connected and don't see either countries listed as options, quit and restart Mullvad.

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News — 2016/08/15

Increased Security from Server Upgrade

We now own and have physical control over servers at three of our locations, two in Sweden and one in Amsterdam. This means an even higher level of security for our customers and an overall ...

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News / Mullvad client — 2016/08/09

Version 60 released

Version 60 of the Mullvad client is now available for download.

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News — 2016/08/03

Mullvad protected against Microsoft security issue

A serious security issue that can negatively affect VPN users has been made public by online profile ValdikSS. If you are using Microsoft Edge / IE or Outlook while connecting through a VPN, a malicious ...

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News / Jobs — 2016/07/15

Filled: Mullvad is Hiring: Developer

-- The position has been filled --

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News — 2016/07/05

New Server in Singapore

Mullvad users can now choose Singapore in the list of countries available for connection. This should improve performance for customers in Asia and the surrounding geographical region.

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News / Mullvad client — 2016/05/26

Version 59 released

Version 59 of the Mullvad client is now available for download.

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News — 2016/03/01

Mullvad not affected by recent OpenSSL vulnerabilities

This afternoon OpenSSL published security advisories on eight vulnerabilities. OpenSSL gave advance notice of the upcoming patch last week, so our engineers had ample time to prepare for the worst. After a short investigation we ...

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News — 2016/02/17

Yesterday's service disruption due to emergency patching

Less than 24 hours ago Google disclosed a vulnerability in glibc, a software library used by many Linux programs. The vulnerability likely affects a large portion of the world's servers, can be exploited remotely, and ...

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News — 2016/01/27

Working iOS 9 configurations

As we've reported before, using our old configuration files on iOS 9 will not work as intended. We have now started to provide new configuration files specifically for iOS 9 which supposedly fixes this issue ...

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