Why privacy matters

Internet has turned into a marketplace where everyone is constantly monitored. How might it affect you – today or tomorrow? And what will the data collection lead to, if we don’t resist? Read more about the mass surveillance of today, and how it threatens free societies.

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Commercial mass surveillance

The business model

The tech giants know everything about you – whether or not you use their services.

Your online behavior is the raw material from which one of the biggest economies in the history of the world has been built. But it isn’t the images you post, the comments you write or the messages you send that are the hard currency. It’s the data about the data that’s the true treasure. With what’s known as metadata, the tech giants aren’t satisfied with monitoring your life – they’ve decided to control it.

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The actors behind the data collection

Part 1: Big tech – they’ve collected so much data about you that they’ve lost control.

You already know which big companies collect data for commercial purposes. But the question is whether you’re aware of the absurd extent of this data collection. You can take as long as you like to think about it, but the answer is still ‘No’. Not even the companies themselves know how much data they collect, where it goes and how they should control it.

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The collected data can’t be kept anonymous

Organizations that collect data often claim it’s anonymous. Research shows this is impossible.

When the tech giants collect huge quantities of data about your internet behavior, they always hide behind defenses such as ‘it’s only metadata’ or ‘we’ve anonymized the information’. But if you collect big data, it’s impossible to keep it anonymous. It’s enough for your phone to reveal four places you’ve been to work out that it’s you.

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State mass surveillance

The consequences of mass surveillance