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Using WireGuard on Android


Last updated: 12 December 2019

This guide for Android users explains how to connect to Mullvad’s WireGuard® servers.

Choose one of the two following options. Do not use them simultaneously.

Option 1: use the Mullvad app

With the Mullvad VPN app for Android (still in beta), all you need to do is connect. That's it! The app automatically uses the WireGuard protocol.

How to manage WireGuard keys

  1. In the app, navigate to Settings (cogwheel icon).
  2. Tap on WireGuard key.
  3. Once you generate a key, you will see it listed under Public key.

Regenerate key

Click this to replace your current key.

This will also replace your internal static IP address.

Verify key

This will verify your current key.

Manage keys

This option will open up your account page on our website so you can get an overview of all your keys.

Option 2: use the WireGuard app

Currently, the WireGuard app on Android is an alpha version. It works on Android 5+.

Download WireGuard app

There are two ways you can get the WireGuard app for Android:

Generate a configuration file

  1. On your Android device, navigate to our WireGuard configuration generator.
  2. Enter your Mullvad account number in the Account number field.
  3. Under Platform, select Android.
  4. Click on Generate a new key pair. (Generate a separate key pair for each device that you use.)
  5. From the Server drop-down menu, select the server of your choice.
  6. Click on Download, and then select Save.
  7. If you wish to download more locations, click on Reuse last key pair and then repeat the remaining steps.

Import the WireGuard configuration

  1. Open the WireGuard app.
  2. Click on the  button.
  3. Select Create from file or archive.
  4. Select the configuration file that you generated and downloaded from our website. The file will appear in the app, for example "mullvadgb2".

Connect and disconnect

  1. Open the WireGuard app.
  2. Click on the toggle button next to the WireGuard server you wish to use in order to connect or disconnect.
  3. You're all set!
  4. You're all set! You can visit to check your connection.

Using multiple devices?

If you're running WireGuard on multiple devices, generate a separate key pair for each device. You will otherwise likely run into connectivity issues.

Is it working?

While on your device, visit to get a quick overview of your Mullvad-WireGuard connection status. In addition, it's a good time to check if your browser is leaking information and therefore jeopardizing your privacy.

Want to access your local network when connected with WireGuard?

  1. Click on the server profile
  2. Click on the edit icon
  3. Click on the "Exclude private IPs"
  4. Add to that list
  5. Click on the Save icon
  6. Disable and then Enable the server profile that you edited

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