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Using WireGuard on Android

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This guide for Android explains how to connect to Mullvad’s WireGuard® servers.

You can use either the Mullvad VPN app or the WireGuard app. This guide is about the WireGuard app. For the Mullvad VPN app see the guide Install Mullvad app on Android.

WireGuard app

The WireGuard app for Android requires Android 5 and newer.

Download WireGuard app

There are two ways you can get the WireGuard app for Android:

Generate a configuration file

  1. In a browser window on your Android device, open our WireGuard configuration generator.
  2. If you’re not already logged in to our website, you will be prompted to do so.
  3. Tap Generate key. (Generate a separate key for each device that you use.)
  4. Select your desired exit location.
  5. Tap the Download button, and save it to your device.

Import the configuration file

  1. Open the WireGuard app.
  2. Tap the add + button.
  3. Tap Import from file or archive.
  4. Select the config or zip file that you downloaded. The location server(s) will appear in the app, for example "mullvad-se2"

Connect and disconnect

  1. In the WireGuard app, tap the toggle button next to the location server you wish to use.
  2. You will either connect or disconnect.
  3. Accept the Connection request popup (When connecting)
  4. To check your connection status, visit our Connection check.

Using multiple devices?

If you're running the WireGuard app on multiple devices, you need to generate a separate key pair for each device. You will otherwise likely run into connectivity issues.

Is it working?

While on your device, visit our Connection check to get a quick overview of your Mullvad-WireGuard connection status. It's also a good time to check if your browser is leaking information and therefore jeopardizing your privacy.

External resources

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