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Intro to Shadowsocks

What is Shadowsocks?

In a nutshell, Shadowsocks is an open-source proxy project intended to circumvent internet censorship.

Advantages of Shadowsocks

The Shadowsocks proxy is high performing and has support for new ciphers. Its traffic can be difficult for firewalls to detect, which makes it a popular choice for users located in countries that censor internet traffic.

Why combine Shadowsocks with a VPN?

Although Shadowsocks may allow you to slip past censors, using it together with a VPN keeps your browsing private and anonymous.

When combining Shadowsocks and Mullvad, you'll be using two of our servers. The bridge server you select will act as the Shadowsocks proxy and as your entry location. The other server will be your exit location. In essence, you'll be performing a multihop!

How to use Shadowsocks with Mullvad VPN

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