Frequently asked questions and answers about Mullvad

Accounts and payments




Accounts and payments

  • Can one account be used on multiple computers?

    Yes, up to three. Use the same customer id on all the computers. Set the customer id under Settings in the client program.

  • How can I see if a payment is processed?

    Visit the account management page or select Account management in Settings.

  • How can I see how much time is left?

    Visit the account management page or select Account management in Settings.

  • I have lost my account number!

    Most of the time it can be recovered.

  • Are there any discounts?

    Paying in bitcoin is cheaper due to lower fees and less administration.


  • Do you obey the EU Data Retention Directive?

    No, it does not apply to us; only to ISPs and phone operators.

  • How can I tell it works?

    A green check mark on the icon is a reliable sign. If you want to verify it yourself then check your external IP address (with a tool like iplocation.net) first without Mullvad and then with, and see that it changes.

  • What is your privacy policy?

    Privacy policy.

  • Is all traffic protected or only web surfing?

    All internet traffic.

  • Am I anonymous when using bittorrent?

    Yes. All traffic to and from your computer is routed through Mullvad (unless the Exclude Swedish traffic option is selected).

  • What is "Exclude Swedish traffic"?

    Traffic to Swedish destinations is routed outside the tunnel to better deal with the Swedish FRA surveillance system from inside Sweden. Don't use it unless you know you need to.

  • What can I do about WebRTC?

    You can read about how you can protect yourself from IP exposure with WebRTC here.

  • Are you keeping logs?

    No. Privacy policy.

  • What if a court orders you to divulge sensitive user information?

    We don't collect or store such information. There is nothing to divulge. See the privacy policy.

  • What if the connection is broken?

    That depends on the option Block the internet on connection failure. When it is not selected protection is lost but the internet connection keeps working. When it is selected the traffic destined for the tunnel will be blocked until Disconnect or Quit is selected from the menu or until the connection is reestablished.

  • I get warnings when installing your software!

    That's okay. Allow it to install the driver and to run with high privileges. (It has to in order to be able to configure networking.)

  • What can I do about DNS leaks?

    Select Stop DNS leaks in Settings.


  • Do I get a shared or dedicated IP address?


  • Do you do port forwarding?

    Yes. Inbound port numbers can be seen and managed in the Settings window.

  • How fast is the service?

    Reasonably fast in most cases but many things determine the speed so you never know until you try. Fortunately it is free and very easy to try. Simply connect with our client software It will automatically get an account with a few hours free trial time.

  • It is very slow!

    Less than 1 Mbit/s? Some Windows computers have packet loss problems with OpenVPN over UDP. One thing that can help is to make the tunnel run over TCP instead. Go to Advanced in Settings and set protocol = tcp in the [Client] section.

  • Are you blocking any ports?

    Yes, TCP port 25.

  • I can't send email!

    Because of spam we block TCP port 25. Set your email program to send using SSL/TLS on port 465.

  • What country will the IP address I get be located in?

    One of the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Canada, or the USA. You can choose which.

  • Do you limit speed/bandwidth or data volume?


  • Can I configure the VPN myself or do I have to use your software?

    You can. OpenVPN. PPTP.

  • How do you handle IPv6?

    IPv6 is either tunneled just like IPv4 or blocked, depending on the settings.


  • Do you support my OS or device?

    Probably. You can use anything that runs OpenVPN or PPTP. You can probably use our software too even if it's not packaged for your platform. Unpack the general package (Other / Source code), install OpenVPN and resolvconf and start it like this: sudo python mullvad.py.

  • Can I use it without the GUI?

    Yes. Either set up the VPN yourself (OpenVPN, PPTP) or use our software like this: sudo python mtunnel.py.