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This blog post is 4 years old and may be out of date.

No tears, let’s get carried away with our new tier one provider


The Internet is not a homogeneous entity providing equal access for everybody; it is a tiered service.
The so-called Tier 1 providers “at the top” exchange traffic with each other for free, while “everyone else has to pay” to reach all destinations, the so called transit service.

Today we can announce that Telia Carrier, ranked as one of the top global Internet backbones and Tier 1 provider, is up and running with our hosting provider 31173.

Telia Carrier has been added as a transit provider in:

  • Malmö
  • Stockholm
  • Amsterdam
  • London
  • Frankfurt
  • Paris
  • Zürich

In each of these locations, we have extra good connectivity, consisting of:

  1. Transit providers Telia Carrier and at least one other Tier 1 provider.
  2. Public and private peering* connecting to local Internet exchange points and providers in each location in order to maximize bandwidth and minimize latency
  3. Connectivity between locations using fiber wavelengths** (Under installation in Paris & Zurich)

* = Everyone likes to peer with equals, therefore, as the traffic from Mullvad VPN’s users increases, more providers are likely to peer directly with us for the benefit of all users. If they do not, they have to pay their internet transit provider for the traffic.

** = Wavelengths are used to send traffic between our sites without “being on the internet”. For example, if you’re sitting in Amsterdam and connect to our servers in Malmö, your traffic will go on the Internet from your home to 31173’s datacenter in Amsterdam, disappear from the Internet and take the wavelength to Malmö, then pop up on the Internet again.

As our network grows, and we add more and more wavelengths, we can keep the traffic off the Internet. The ultimate way to strengthen privacy on the Internet is to not be there at all.

Test it!

Please look at our server list at these locations and choose a server having 31173 as provider, for maximum bandwidth, the lowest latency, and maximized privacy.

For the universal right,
Team Mullvad