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Welcome to our server list. Server locations and details, service issues, and scheduled maintenance — it's all here.

Norway: no1-wireguard is up and running again. — May 22, 2018, 07:42 UTC

Regular servers (OpenVPN) (200 active)

These are the server locations available in the Mullvad app. If you're an OpenVPN user, you can specify a particular region or server using the details below.

Name* Country City IP address Groups*
au-bne-001 Australia Brisbane au-bne
au-mel-002 Australia Melbourne au-mel
au-mel-003 Australia Melbourne au-mel
au-mel-004 Australia Melbourne au-mel
au-per-001 Australia Perth au-per
au-syd-001 Australia Sydney au-syd
au-syd-003 Australia Sydney au-syd
at1 Austria Wien
at2 Austria Wien
be1 Belgium Brussels
be2 Belgium Brussels
br-sao-001 Brazil Sao Paolo
bg-sof-001 Bulgaria Sofia
bg2 Bulgaria Sofia
ca-tor-001 Canada Toronto ca-on
ca1 Canada Toronto ca-on
ca2 Canada Toronto ca-on
ca3 Canada Toronto ca-on
ca-van-001 Canada Vancouver ca-bc
ca-van-002 Canada Vancouver ca-bc
ca4 Canada Vancouver ca-bc
ca5 Canada Vancouver ca-bc
cz1 Czech Republic Prague
cz2 Czech Republic Prague
dk1 Denmark Copenhagen
dk2 Denmark Copenhagen
dk3 Denmark Copenhagen
dk4 Denmark Copenhagen
fi-hel-001 Finland Helsinki
fi-hel-002 Finland Helsinki
fi-hel-003 Finland Helsinki
fi-hel-004 Finland Helsinki
fi-hel-005 Finland Helsinki
fi-hel-006 Finland Helsinki
fr-par-001 France Paris
fr1 France Paris
fr2 France Paris
de-ber-001 Germany Berlin de-ber
de6 Germany Berlin de-ber
de7 Germany Berlin de-ber
de8 Germany Berlin de-ber
de-fra-001 Germany Frankfurt de-fra
de-fra-002 Germany Frankfurt de-fra
de10 Germany Frankfurt de-fra
de5 Germany Frankfurt de-fra
de9 Germany Frankfurt de-fra
hk-hkg-001 Hong Kong Hong Kong
hk-hkg-002 Hong Kong Hong Kong
hu1 Hungary Budapest
il1 Israel Petach-Tikva
it-mil-002 Italy Milan
it1 Italy Milan
jp-tyo-001 Japan Tokyo
jp-tyo-002 Japan Tokyo
lu-lux-001 Luxembourg Luxembourg
md0001 Moldova Chisinau
nl1 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl10 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl11 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl12 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl13 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl14 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl15 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl16 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl17 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl18 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl3 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl4 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl5 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl6 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl7 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl8 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl9 Netherlands Amsterdam
no-osl-001 Norway Oslo
no-osl-002 Norway Oslo
no-osl-003 Norway Oslo
no-osl-004 Norway Oslo
no-osl-005 Norway Oslo
no-osl-006 Norway Oslo
no-osl-007 Norway Oslo
pl-waw-001 Poland Warsaw
pl-waw-002 Poland Warsaw
pl-waw-003 Poland Warsaw
pt1 Portugal Lisbon
ro1 Romania Bucharest
ro2 Romania Bucharest
rs-ini-001 Serbia Nis
sg-sin-001 Singapore Singapore
sg1 Singapore Singapore
sg2 Singapore Singapore
sk-bts-001 Slovakia Bratislava
sk-bts-002 Slovakia Bratislava
es1 Spain Madrid
es2 Spain Madrid
se-got-001 Sweden Gothenburg se-got
se-got-002 Sweden Gothenburg se-got
se-got-003 Sweden Gothenburg se-got
se-got-004 Sweden Gothenburg se-got
se-got-005 Sweden Gothenburg se-got
se-got-006 Sweden Gothenburg se-got
se-got-007 Sweden Gothenburg se-got
se1 Sweden Helsingborg se-hel
se13 Sweden Helsingborg se-hel
se16 Sweden Helsingborg se-hel
se2 Sweden Helsingborg se-hel
se4 Sweden Helsingborg se-hel
se7 Sweden Helsingborg se-hel
se9 Sweden Helsingborg se-hel
se-mma-001 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-mma-002 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-mma-003 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-mma-004 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-mma-005 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-mma-006 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-mma-007 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-mma-008 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-mma-009 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-mma-010 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se17 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se18 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se19 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se20 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se21 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se23 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se24 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se25 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se27 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se28 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se29 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se30 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se31 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se32 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
ch-zrh-005 Switzerland Zurich
ch-zrh-006 Switzerland Zurich
ch-zrh-007 Switzerland Zurich
ch1 Switzerland Zurich
ch2 Switzerland Zurich
ch3 Switzerland Zurich
ch4 Switzerland Zurich
gb-lon-001 UK London gb-lon
gb-lon-002 UK London gb-lon
gb-lon-003 UK London gb-lon
gb-lon-004 UK London gb-lon
gb2 UK London gb-lon
gb3 UK London gb-lon
gb6 UK London gb-lon
gb7 UK London gb-lon
gb4 UK Manchester gb-mnc
gb5 UK Manchester gb-mnc
gb8 UK Manchester gb-mnc
us-atl-001 USA Atlanta, GA us-ga
us0010 USA Atlanta, GA us-ga
us15 USA Atlanta, GA us-ga
us-chi-001 USA Chicago, IL us-il
us1 USA Chicago, IL us-il
us25 USA Chicago, IL us-il
us29 USA Chicago, IL us-il
us-dal-002 USA Dallas, TX us-tx
us-dal-003 USA Dallas, TX us-tx
us8 USA Dallas, TX us-tx
us-las-001 USA Las Vegas, NV us-nv
us-las-002 USA Las Vegas, NV us-nv
us-las-003 USA Las Vegas, NV us-nv
us-lax-001 USA Los Angeles, CA us-ca
us-lax-002 USA Los Angeles, CA us-ca
us-lax-003 USA Los Angeles, CA us-ca
us-lax-004 USA Los Angeles, CA us-ca
us-lax-005 USA Los Angeles, CA us-ca
us-lax-006 USA Los Angeles, CA us-ca
us-lax-007 USA Los Angeles, CA us-ca
us-lax-008 USA Los Angeles, CA us-ca
us-lax-009 USA Los Angeles, CA us-ca
us-mia-001 USA Miami, FL us-fl
us-mia-002 USA Miami, FL us-fl
us20 USA Miami, FL us-fl
us26 USA Miami, FL us-fl
us3 USA Miami, FL us-fl
us-nyc-001 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-002 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-003 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-004 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-005 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-006 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-007 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-ewr-003 USA Newark, NJ us-nj
us-ewr-004 USA Newark, NJ us-nj
us-ewr-005 USA Newark, NJ us-nj
us-phx-001 USA Phoenix, AZ us-az
us-phx-002 USA Phoenix, AZ us-az
us-phx-003 USA Phoenix, AZ us-az
us-phx-004 USA Phoenix, AZ us-az
us2 USA Piscataway, NJ us-nj
us6 USA Piscataway, NJ us-nj
us0004 USA Salt Lake City, UT us-ut
us23 USA Salt Lake City, UT us-ut
us-sea-002 USA Seattle, WA us-wa
us-sea-003 USA Seattle, WA us-wa
us0005 USA Seattle, WA us-wa
us16 USA Seattle, WA us-wa
ua-iev-001 Ukraine Kiev

* Append .mullvad.net to any name, e.g se1.mullvad.net.

WireGuard servers (28 active)

New to the WireGuard protocol? Get started with our WireGuard guides.

Name* Country City Public key SOCKS5 name* Multihop port
au1-wireguard Australia Sydney H9bSjJ1hNwZ98EzcBpyBmtTY7ps6IgNSZVbbu2T/Sx8= au1-wg.socks5 3014
ca1-wireguard Canada Toronto BQVUyn4F0NlbALK0ksCi4pY9d6/adMaXPdtjKgoL41E= ca1-wg.socks5 3008
dk1-wireguard Denmark Copenhagen ny9u5anjMGsoe2Yrf3wqZMvSifNtTknVMz3KfblWpi0= dk1-wg.socks5 3024
fi1-wireguard Finland Helsinki lA7gRTmiY9IcSQGXjOEaJjvgtO76BwYJsaaNQqemMWU= fi1-wg.socks5 3021
fr1-wireguard France Paris 9zpV9nBENx8DsjjRe2GLqmFk4jlfQhTkMG5V0xpZESc= fr1-wg.socks5 3005
de3-wireguard Germany Berlin +8eqqAIcx+1rYOtb4NBhmf3m2fUf6dJlxnqHfnE9QH0= de3-wg.socks5 3027
de1-wireguard Germany Frankfurt IF4ROzAOkRKdz+Hy+TWS1LTOZPGaLsm9PW5EN5AEOkc= de1-wg.socks5 3009
de2-wireguard Germany Frankfurt Ko5Vhr1L11DRpKBRw6TMXvCaZby6N32R4NQsdTGzfE0= de2-wg.socks5 3018
hk1-wireguard Hong Kong Hong Kong ZlAoBnq2CCqVfyHVkohdXRGGRdEXax65TdsS+CjjKmA= hk1-wg.socks5 3013
nl1-wireguard Netherlands Amsterdam nLFb+Clb4zlw9wPfeD1vqy5mqEyOd9cIGWmn7ajwemw= nl1-wg.socks5 3004
no1-wireguard Norway Oslo jOUZjMq2PWHDzQxu3jPXktYB7EKeFwBzGZx56cTXXQg= no1-wg.socks5 3006
pl1-wireguard Poland Warsaw 6m4oQHDitNtJ5iMeHXW2fT3IkvHNVcluN+eG2fbyX00= pl1-wg.socks5 3016
ro1-wireguard Romania Bucharest LKU2opNCTQfG/5Rzj3ez7LchwXk0GXcctkiGJ1oXOks= ro1-wg.socks5 3026
sg1-wireguard Singapore Singapore IEaL4ujeMNhY8w3Dhtw/opsnhoQLeC5SQ0oywwLQESM= sg1-wg.socks5 3022
es1-wireguard Spain Madrid hDflDse0Nz7GsZ0q5uylWOJaJQ6woJPCGy8IvTXKjzo= es1-wg.socks5 3023
se3-wireguard Sweden Gothenburg 5JMPeO7gXIbR5CnUa/NPNK4L5GqUnreF0/Bozai4pl4= se3-wg.socks5 3020
se1-wireguard Sweden Malmö NFSMulKTJvtrlNDozk/plAvtPyUkQktx7SlLt0E7fhQ= se1-wg.socks5 3002
se4-wireguard Sweden Malmö m4jnogFbACz7LByjo++8z5+1WV0BuR1T7E1OWA+n8h0= se4-wg.socks5 3028
se2-wireguard Sweden Stockholm BfyxzL1mtigKIfM51OhxD+FBBSk+/SHEUE9UlDJ45W4= se2-wg.socks5 3011
ch1-wireguard Switzerland Zurich SzmAUqFzWRHazql4EGVgphTdUBFq8Wus980nCl99TgI= ch1-wg.socks5 3010
ch2-wireguard Switzerland Zurich W9eD8dkodIi1DAh18xChTOBmIT6kPxgFG872toGOwVk= ch2-wg.socks5 3025
gb1-wireguard UK London TMOEAxpcv5xz+PvcvqP0Iy4+px+hrCJUJHGcy45DVQI= gb1-wg.socks5 3003
gb2-wireguard UK London gEor1tjIW4DmKfF24A8j8Ongw7B9pnhZ2n09xR5mH1o= gb2-wg.socks5 3017
us4-wireguard USA Chicago, IL 9BIWByBn70uCB9qVj9Vf02yzar4RJQjgHyVpo+yLk2c= us4-wg.socks5 3015
us2-wireguard USA Los Angeles, CA 5YT2bFSXrp8fkCKJ9MCxgtLJnsajJAqmqE+GGFnZjwg= us2-wg.socks5 3007
us3-wireguard USA Miami, FL RXVzV6fA8nDqHP3zMkqrh5v2TBpcW+0o+TXjJfGpGxU= us3-wg.socks5 3012
us1-wireguard USA New York, NY Wy2FhqDJcZU03O/D9IUG/U5BL0PLbF06nvsfgIwrmGk= us1-wg.socks5 3001
us5-wireguard USA Seattle, WA 0idpgcRimndYSaoRYQZsi6vgSefXbS1GWKiGhLRyEyg= us5-wg.socks5 3019

* Append .mullvad.net to any name, e.g se1.mullvad.net.

Bridge servers (5 active)

Using bridges might help if you're stuck behind a restrictive firewall and can't access our VPN servers directly. Get started with our Bridges guide.

Name* Country City SSH Fingerprint
us1-bridgeUSALos AngelesSHA256:PNqH4f7kfS23LrNbShKf65fIFpL8wui/4LFpdmb47hc

* Append .mullvad.net to any name, e.g se1.mullvad.net.