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New tool – test your forwarded ports

29 June 2018  NEWS

Curious to know if your forwarded ports with Mullvad are working? We've developed a tool for that! Give our new port check a try.

Don't have an assigned port? You can easily get one by logging in to your Mullvad account on our website. Our port forwarding guide walks you through the process.


What is port forwarding?

Port forwarding makes it possible for remote computers to access a specific computer or service within a private local area network (LAN).

For example, Gunilla has a web server on her private LAN that she wants Glenn to visit. She first requests a port to be forwarded to her. Then she configures her web server to listen to that port for any other traffic. Glenn can then connect to the exit IP address of the VPN server that Gunilla is using, as well as the port number, and voila – he has access!

It's like dialing a company's phone number (the IP address) and then punching in the extension number (port) to reach a particular person.