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Client version 66 released

30 January 2018 

Windows and Linux users can now update to the newest version of our desktop client.

Download version 66 now.


  • Reworked the parts communicating with the Mullvad infrastructure.
  • Removed the encryption methods 128 bit AES, Camellia, SEED and 3DES (Mullvad servers do not support these any more).

Ending support for older versions

The newest version of our desktop client is an important one for Windows and Linux. In about a month's time, versions older than 66 will no longer be supported. This change will be noticeable if you haven't updated by then, and your client will not work properly. Download version 66 now to ensure a smooth transition.

macOS users

If you're running macOS and haven't yet switched over to our new app, please do so now.

Change log

Changes for previous versions can be found in the change log.