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Recover lost account

Can’t remember your account number? It might be possible to recover, although we can’t guarantee it since we keep as little information as possible about our users.

Look in the app

First, look in the Mullvad VPN app. Click on the account icon () to find your account number.

Trace your payment

If that’s not an option, then trace your payment method. Select the payment method you used and follow the instructions. Please note that payments are only traceable for 40 days.

Since we shred the envelopes shortly after receiving them we will only be able to recover your account using a very recent payment. To help us find the correct payment envelope, send an email to with as many of the following details as possible:

  • What the envelope looks like
  • The postage date on envelope
  • The location from which it was sent
  • The amount that it contained

If you email us to help resolve a lost account number, you will end up disclosing information about yourself to us (at a bare minimum, your email). If you prefer to remain anonymous, you can instead create a new account.