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I have lost my account number. How do I get it back? #

Most of the time it can be recovered. Please read the Lost Accounts guide on how to find it.

Why can’t I use the internet after closing Mullvad App on Windows? #

Go into the "Network & Internet settings" > "Change adapter settings" and then right-click the network adapter you use to connect to the internet and select "Properties" then double-click on "Internet Protocol version 4" and set it to "Obtain DNS server address automatically"

Why do I get slow speeds? #

Our Connection Speed guide lists a variety of possible solutions. You can also read about throttling.

How can I tell if I'm connected? #

Visit to easily check your connection status.

Are you keeping logs? #

No, we do not store activity logs of any kind. Please read our privacy policy.


Using the Mullvad VPN app

How to use the Mullvad VPN app.

WireGuard in the Mullvad app

Use simple terminal commands to connect to WireGuard servers in the Mullvad app.

Lost Account

How to proceed if you have lost your account number.

Change your online habits

Step 1 in our online privacy series, this guide focuses on the first steps to take to improve your online privacy.

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