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Do you obey the EU Data Retention Directive? #
The directive does not apply to Mullvad because we are not considered an electronics communications service. This is also the case for Sweden's Lagen om elektronisk kommunikation (LEK). Swedish legislation .
How can I tell if I'm connected? #
Visit mullvad.net/check to easily check your connection status, or you can visit our website and it will display the server you are connected to at the top of the website.
Is all traffic protected or only web surfing? #
All internet traffic.
What can I do about WebRTC? #
Read our guide on how to disable WebRTC.
Are you keeping logs? #
No, we do not store activity logs of any kind. Please read our privacy policy.
What if a court orders you to divulge sensitive user information? #
We don't collect or store such information. There is nothing to divulge. See our privacy policy.
What if the connection is broken? #
With the Mullvad VPN app, all Internet traffic is automatically blocked until either the VPN connection is reestablished or you disconnect from or quit the app. This built-in safety feature ensures that your traffic is not accidentally leaked outside of our secure tunnel.
I get warnings when installing your software! #
That's OK. Allow the software to install. The warnings occur either because your device requires admin authorization to install drivers or because some antivirus software gives a false positive on new app releases.
How do I turn on DNS leak protection in the app? #
DNS leak protection is always on. There is no option to disable it.
How do I enable the kill switch? #
The app has a built in kill switch that is enabled by default and cannot be disabled. This is to prevent your traffic from leaking outside of the VPN tunnel if your network suddenly stops working or if the tunnel fails for any reason. Mullvad automatically protects your data until your connection is reestablished.


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