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No PII or privacy leaks found in Cure53's Infrastructure audit

20 Januar 2021  PRIVACY AUDITS

We invite you to read the final report of the first security-focused audit on Mullvad’s infrastructure, completed in December 2020. Mehr lesen

Three signals of a more privacy-friendly messaging app

15 Januar 2021  PRIVACY

Does your messaging app truly respect your privacy? Here are a few simple questions to ask to get a helpful answer. Plus, we tell you which messaging tool sends us all the right signals. Mehr lesen

A review of an API and certificate issue during the holidays


Over the Christmas holiday, we were alerted to and fixed an API issue that briefly prevented customers from making payments and creating new accounts. We invite you behind the scenes to learn what happened. Mehr lesen

Ending support for 2020.3 and 2020.4

7 Januar 2021  MULLVAD APP

On January 28, app versions 2020.3 and 2020.4 will stop working as we are discontinuing support for them. Begin the New Year right  update now to the latest, most secure version of Mullvad VPN. Mehr lesen

If we are seen, you won’t be - our marketing approach

5 Januar 2021  NEWS PRIVACY

Since our humble beginning, we’ve struggled with one question: how do we spread our message without supporting a data-hungry industry we don’t believe in? That’s why we've started using advertising methods that don’t track. Mehr lesen

Bring on 2021 - we’re ready!

14 Dezember 2020  NEWS

But first, our annual retrospective! In 2020, we launched our app on iOS (now on every major platform), made our first video, advertised on trams, and investigated a couple of laws. Mehr lesen

Bring Mullvad VPN to your TV with new Android release (2020.8-beta1)

7 Dezember 2020  MULLVAD APP ANDROID

Bring Mullvad VPN to your TV with new Android release (2020.8-beta1) Mehr lesen

7 DEC (Monday) There will be a service window in Gothenburg

5 Dezember 2020  MAINTENANCE

7 DEC (Monday) There will be a service window in Gothenburg to upgrade the Switches, this means all servers in Gothenburg will be unavailable between 08:00 and 14:00 CET. Mehr lesen

Linux issues resolved in latest desktop release (2020.7)


The newest version of the Mullvad VPN app for desktop fixes a number of bugs experienced by Linux users. Mehr lesen

Big no on Big Sur: Mullvad disallows Apple apps to bypass firewall

16 November 2020  SECURITY MACOS

Despite Apple’s changes to macOS with the release of Big Sur, we can confirm that the Mullvad app still performs as intended by not allowing Apple’s own apps to bypass our VPN firewall. Mehr lesen

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