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Будьте в курсе развития Mullvad. Новые версии приложения, обновления безопасности, вакансии — всё это можно найти здесь.

Introducing package repositories for Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora


We now provide self-hosted repositories with the latest stable and beta Mullvad VPN apps, for users of our supported Linux distributions. Our supported distribution releases are listed on our download page. Подробнее

Moving our Encrypted DNS servers to run in RAM

System Transparency

We recently announced the completion of our migration to remove all traces of disks in use on our VPN infrastructure. Подробнее

EU Digital Identity framework (eIDAS) another kind of chat control?


The proposed EU Digital Identity framework (eIDAS) aims to meddle with the process around internet certificates and will undermine the independence and security assurances of the basis for website security: Подробнее

Mullvad Browser 13.0 released with multilingual support


We’re happy to announce that our first major update to Mullvad Browser is now available on our download page and our CDN. Подробнее

Amendment to the Act (2020:62) on Covert Data Surveillance


In response to the recently ammended Covert Data Surveillance Act (2020:62) we can say that: Подробнее

Select your local currency when paying for Mullvad to avoid fees!


In the name of furthering our transparency and to avoid card fees we now accept card payments directly in USD, EUR, GBP and  SEK. Подробнее

macOS 14 Sonoma firewall bug fixed!


The firewall bug in macOS 14 Sonoma betas and release candidates that we blogged about last week has been fixed by Apple. Подробнее

We have successfully completed our migration to RAM-only VPN infrastructure

NewsSystem Transparency

Today we announce that we have completely removed all traces of disks being used by our VPN infrastructure! Подробнее

Bug in macOS 14 Sonoma prevents our app from working


The macOS 14 Sonoma betas and release candidate contain a bug that causes the firewall to not filter traffic correctly. As a result, our app does not work. Подробнее

Tailscale has partnered with Mullvad


Since Tailscale was founded in 2019, customers have been forced to choose between either Tailscale or Mullvad without the ability for them to co-exist. Подробнее