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Account and payments


I have lost my account number. How do I get it back? #
Follow the steps to recover your account.
Do you offer discounts or have sales? #
We never have sales, but accepted cryptocurrency payments are discounted at 10% due to lower fees and less administration. Visit our pricing page for more info.
How many computers or devices can I use my Mullvad VPN account on? #
You can use your account on up to 5 devices.
How can I see if a payment is processed or how much time I have left on my account? #
Log in to the Account Status page of our website.
Do you offer a money back guarantee? #
Yes, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee, except for cash payments due to anti-money laundering regulations, as well as crypto payments. Read our refund instructions.
I have paid but can't connect! #
If you get a message saying your account has expired, your payment is the problem. If you paid through your PayPal account, log in to PayPal and check the status of the payment. PayPal often changes its mind about transactions, sometimes days after a payment was made, without notification. For cryptocurrency payments, these do not get processed until the transaction has been confirmed. Bank wires can take 1–2 working days to get processed.
How do I cancel my PayPal subscription? #
To unsubscribe, first log in to the Account Status page of our website. Click on the PayPal Subscription icon and then on the Unsubscribe button.
Could I get a receipt that specifies VAT? #
Yes, please visit our Invoices guide for more information.
I have a business. How do I pay for your service without VAT? #
As we are a consumer retailer, we do not offer the option to buy our service without VAT.
Can I purchase more devices for my account? I have reached the five devices limit. #
We cannot add more devices to an account. You would have to get a second account or install Mullvad on a router with an OpenVPN or WireGuard client to use it with all the devices in the local network.
How do I delete my account? #
To request deletion of your account, email
How do I log in on my other devices? The Mullvad VPN app says that I have to pay again? #
1: On the device that has an active Mullvad account: Tap on the account button in the top right corner next to the settings button, and then tap on the eye icon to view your account number. 2: On your other devices: If you are logged in already, tap on the account button and then "Log out". Then log in with the account number that you found on your first device.


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