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Account and payments 

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We offer a 30-day money back guarantee for some payment methods if you are not satisfied with our service. See information below about what we need from you.

There is no need to send your Mullvad receipt as we are not able to find your account with that.

Not covered


We can't make refunds for cash payments due to anti-money laundering regulations.

Crypto payments (BTC/BCH/XMR)

We don't issue refunds for cryptocurrency payments.


Credit card

Please email with your Mullvad account number and the payment token that can be found on your bank statement for the payment you wish to have refunded. It should have the format of VPN*xxxxxxxxxx however, it might look slightly different depending on your bank.


Please email your Mullvad account number to, ideally from your PayPal registered email address. If you have trouble with this then please send the information below.

Single Payments: You can find your Invoice ID in your PayPal transaction history. Click on "Details".
Subscriptions: You can find your payment token by navigating to the Billing details for your Mullvad subscription and then look for Invoice number.

Note: If your Paypal subscription was started before 29 OCT 2019 then please send your Paypal Transaction ID.


Please email with the following information:

  • the first eight characters of the Order ID.
  • the date and time of payment.
  • the amount.

To find your Order ID, open the Swish app, tap on History and then Show history. Verify with your BankID and then tap on the payment.

Bank wire

Be aware: we can only refund SEPA payments within Europe.

Bank wire transactions will be refunded to the account from which we received the payment. Please email with your Mullvad account number and all of the following information:

  • date of payment
  • your name and address
  • your country of tax residence
  • your IBAN or account number
  • your bank's BIC number.


Apple in-app purchases

Refunds for payments made in the App Store are handled entirely by Apple. We are unable to help you.
Follow Apple’s instructions on how to request a refund.

Google in-app purchases

If you request your Google Play refund from Google it may be denied. In that case you can send the Order ID that you received from Google (it starts with "GPA.") and your Mullvad account number to


Refunds for payments made for vouchers are handled by the store/reseller. We do not have any payment information for those sales, and therefore we are unable to do a refund for those payments.