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Big Data = Big Failure III

20 Maggio 2021  PRIVACY

Corporate businesses and government agencies are all doing it: collecting data and thereby breaking universal laws. Ready to take action? We know what to do. Continua a leggere

Big Data = Big Failure II

12 Maggio 2021  PRIVACY

It's possible to remain anonymous with a single data point. However, as soon as a series of data is collected, remaining anonymous becomes impossible. Let’s take it step by step. Continua a leggere

Big Data = Big Failure I

6 Maggio 2021  PRIVACY

The vast amount of data collected today makes it possible to predict political opinions, beliefs, religion, and interests, a collection of data that is strictly forbidden by law. And in great need of abidance. Continua a leggere

(L)awful interception

22 Aprile 2021  PRIVACY

One of democracy's foundations is the fact that all human beings have certain inalienable rights and freedoms. Suspended by trust and shared values. Today, trust and shared values are being replaced by “control and surveillance”. Continua a leggere

Step up your privacy game with encrypted email (not just for techies)

31 Marzo 2021  PRIVACY

As a kid, did you also assign each letter of the alphabet to another and write secret messages to your friends, perhaps even invisibly with lemon juice? Continua a leggere

Why we don't have servers everywhere

8 Febbraio 2021  PRIVACY

Whenever you or our other dear customers reach out asking if we could please, please, pleeeease, set up a server in your country, those pleas do not go unnoticed. Continua a leggere

“Privacy is when restrooms have doors”

28 Gennaio 2021  PRIVACY

As kids, it’s something that our parents try to invade. Sometimes the only place we can find it is in the bathroom. On this year’s Data Privacy Day, we explore what privacy means to us. Continua a leggere

If we are seen, you won’t be - our marketing approach

5 Gennaio 2021  PRIVACY

Updated: 2021 October 05 (The incorrect statement regarding google ads was removed) Continua a leggere

Your privacy is your privacy - updated policy

11 Novembre 2020  PRIVACY

Our long-term goal is to not store any PII (Personally Identifiable Information). For this purpose we recently made two changes in our Privacy Policy and our No-logging of user activity Policy. Continua a leggere

EU Court - the last bastion for privacy?

7 Ottobre 2020  PRIVACY

The Court of Justice of the European Union has announced that Sweden’s existing and proposed law, the Electronic Communications Act, is too general and lacks safeguards for implementation. Continua a leggere