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Tunnelblick on Mac

Here are the installation instructions when using Tunnelblick.

  1. Install TunnelBlick
  2. Click on Download Client followed by iOS, Android and other platforms.
  3. Click on Other platforms Tab
  4. Enter your account number, select a country and click on "Get Config" ,  save it to your computer.
  5. Extract it and double-click Mullvad.tblk in the subdirectory OSX.
  6. Select Connect Mullvad from the Tunnelblick menu.


Optionally adding firewall rules

File to edit: /etc/pf.conf. The order of the following rules are important! To import the rules after the file is edited run: sudo pfctl -f /etc/pf.conf (will be automatically activated on reboot). The problem is that the firewall is turned off by default. To turn it on run sudo pfctl -e

Blocking everything in and out except via the IP address specified

block drop all
pass on lo0
pass on utun0
pass out proto udp from any to port 1300

Replace with the IP Addresses to the VPN servers that you wish to use.