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Windows OpenVPN installation

Here is how you Install and connect to our servers under Windows using OpenVPN.


  1. Download and install OpenVPN.
  2. Click on Download Client.
  3. Click on Instructions and configuration files under iOS, Android and other platforms.
  4. Select Windows as platform using the drop-down menu.
  5. Enter your account number.
  6. Select a region.
  7. Click on Download and save it to your computer.
  8. Extract the downloaded file.
  9. Copy the extracted files into C:\program files\openvpn\config or C:\program files(x86)\openvpn\config.
  10. Start OpenVPN as Administrator (right-click, Run as ...).
  11. Right-click on the OpenVPN icon and choose "Connect".


DNS Protection

If you want to enable a protection against DNS queries on other network interfaces than the TAP one, then please edit the configuration file and add


After that save and reconnect. Keep in mind that this requires Windows Filtering Platform to be enabled.



Auto Start on Log in

Here is how you set OpenVPN to start when you log in on your computer.

  1. Click on the start button and type tasks then click on Schedule tasks
  2. Under Actions click on Create Basic Task
  3. Fill out a name for it and click on Next
  4. Select When I log on and click on Next
  5. Selct Start a program and click on Next
  6. Click on browse, navigate to C:\program files\OpenVPN\bin\  select openvpn-gui.exe and then click on Open
  7. In the Add arguments field, type: --connect "mullvad_se.ovpn" and then click on Next  (Replace se with the configuration file you have downloaded)
  8. Check the Open the Properties dialogue for this task... checkbox and click on Finish
  9. Check the Run with highest priviledges checkbox
  10. Click on the triggers tab, select At log on and then click on Edit
  11. Click on Any user
  12. Under Advanced settings use the drop-down menu for Delay task for: and set it to 30 seconds and then press on OK
  13. Select the task again
  14. On the toolbar, select Action -> Properties -> Conditions
  15. Uncheck "Start the task only if the computer is on AC Power"
  16. Close the task schedular.

If you get an error saying OpenVPN gui is already running then do the follwing :

  1. Click on start and type msconfig and press enter
  2. Click on the Startup tab
  3. Uncheck OPENVPN-GUI and then click on OK
  4. After that either Click on Restart or Exit without restart