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We now self-host our support email

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Our support emails are now moving to self-hosted and Mullvad-owned hardware.

From now on, our Support Team can be reached at a new email address:

Emails sent to the old address:, will still continue to function until we announce the shut-down of that email address.

Why are we doing this?

Mullvad has always been striving to provide the most robust, reliable and privacy enhancing service, spending all available energy on the upkeep and improvement of our products. This meant that we outsourced some parts of our business that are not a core part of our product offering. Up until this point, we have been making use of a third-party service for our emails with the added recommendation of using encrypted technology such as PGP/GPG.

We have been working on hosting our own email service for a considerable period of time, as it takes time to build a secure solution. The service was audited pre-production, tested thoroughly and is now in production for customers to reach us. When communicating with our support team it is important that you consider your own setup; we still recommend that you  use PGP/GPG and to send encrypted emails when contacting our support team. Take a look at our guide here regarding how to send and receive encrypted emails.

Another system running from RAM

These servers run from RAM, with fully encrypted disks mounted to store the backend PostgreSQL database. We cannot fully run our servers from RAM due to requiring a persistent database, but that was a trade-off we had to make.

These servers run the same OS and kernel configuration as the rest of our infrastructure that runs from RAM, and we have had this service audited pre-production by Assured AB. The issues found by Assured have since been resolved, read the audit here.

All emails from our apps (in case problem reports are generated) will be sent to this new address instead.

As with all new services, we expect that there will be some downtime and glitches with such a large change. We are working to improve this service, and such issues and bugs will be resolved over time. We appreciate your patience with any issues that arise.