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Tailscale has partnered with Mullvad


Since Tailscale was founded in 2019, customers have been forced to choose between either Tailscale or Mullvad without the ability for them to co-exist.

Today we announce a partnership with Tailscale that allows you to use both in conjunction through the Tailscale app. This functionality is not available through the Mullvad VPN app.

This partnership allows customers of Tailscale to make use of our WireGuard VPN servers as “exit nodes”. This means that whilst connected to Tailscale, you can access your devices across Tailscale’s mesh network, whilst still connecting outbound through Mullvad VPN WireGuard servers in any location.

Some simple examples of this could be:

Mobile phone:

  • Connects to a PC via Tailscale at your home to access private photo albums
  • At the same time: browses the Internet via a Mullvad VPN server located in Sweden

Personal computer:

  • Connects via Tailscale to another PC whilst in a cafe to work on self-hosted documents
  • At the same time: sends all other traffic through Mullvad VPN whilst on unencrypted WiFi

Read more on using Mullvad exit nodes with Tailscales VPN service on Tailscales website here: