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This blog post is 7 years old and may be out of date.

Our year of expansion – looking back on 2016


We have had an amazing year at Mullvad. In 2016, we focused primarily on expanding our service across the globe. Here's a rundown of the improvements we've made:

  • We increased the number of countries we offer by more than 250%, adding servers in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK.
  • We expanded our server capacity by 150% from 23 to a total of 59.
  • We launched a new website, complete with helpful user guides.
  • Our team increased with two full-time hires.
  • We released new client software.
  • SOCKS5 proxy is now available on all of our servers.
  • We proudly sponsored the OWASP security conference in Gothenburg.

  • We upgraded our server infrastructure to deliver increased security.

  • We mitigated a rather nasty information leak for Windows users.
  • For the security conscious, we started signing our client releases.

Thanks for having been a part of this exciting year with us. We hope you enjoy these final days of 2016 and wish you a Happy New Year!