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If we are seen, you won’t be - our marketing approach


Updated: 2021 October 05 (The incorrect statement regarding google ads was removed)

Since our humble beginning, we’ve struggled with one question: how do we spread our message without supporting a data-hungry industry we don’t believe in? That’s why we've started using advertising methods that don’t track.

Starting this year, you may see us on national TV, in a newspaper article, or on a bus poster. Some, including us, might ask themselves: why spend on advertising when we could invest everything into improving our VPN service?

Awareness and development go hand in hand

We want to increase the awareness of Mullvad as a choice-worthy VPN provider and reach out to fellow privacy ninjas, and in doing so, enable more resources for the development of our service. With an increasing community, we will discover and learn about different needs and problems for us to address. Without being seen, we might lose that very same customer.

Ironically, we have to be seen so that you won’t. We will never pay for an opinion review. Instead, we’re opting for the unconventional journey by moving toward untraceable marketing. If that's even possible.

For the universal right – again and again

Our advertising must never be exaggerated, initiate fear, nor violate the universal right to privacy. Plain and simple, we’re just going to repeat the urge for that right. Then whomever sees our message can choose for themselves  without seeing an endless parade of discount banners.

Important disclaimer: Yes, we have tested different social media sites. And yes, we believe that we need to keep our presence there.

For the universal right to privacy,
Mullvad VPN