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This blog post is 4 years old and may be out of date.

Crash issues fixed in Android (2020.1-beta1)


This new Android beta release of the Mullvad VPN app promises more connections and less crashes, so put on a helmet and take it for a test drive!

What’s new in this version

A number of crash issues were addressed in this release. The app is also more stable and uses less battery.

You can now dismiss/swipe away the notification in the notification bar when the app is disconnected and not open.

Tapping on your public WireGuard key (if you’ve generated one) will copy it.

WireGuard keys are now automatically rotated, or replaced with new ones, every 7 days. This helps improve anonymization and limit tracking.

For Android versions that support the “Always-on VPN” feature, enabling this option now works as intended.

Download the app

Download the Mullvad VPN beta app for Android. We've got an Android set-up guide if you need help with installation and usage.

We appreciate all feedback and problem reports that come in, so keep them coming! Knowing what you experience helps us to more quickly identify issues and gets us one step closer to that first stable release.

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