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Fresh catch: iOS release (2021.1) swims upstream

Mullvad community 

Be part of the bigger picture! Simply get the newest release of the Mullvad VPN app for iOS, and you’ll have some updated code in your pocket that we’ve made available to the wider community.

The list of new features is short; read on to learn why. And stay tuned: we’ve got some new iOS stuff in the works, including support for iPad!

What’s new

In-app problem reporting

We hope we won’t give you a reason to report an issue, but if you need to, the iOS version now offers an in-app report form.

An email address isn’t necessary so you can still remain anonymous. Your app’s log files, which are attached to your message, will be anonymized before being securely sent to us.

WireGuardKit gets upstreamed

Over the past few months our iOS team has been focusing its efforts on WireGuardKit, an open-source software library that both our app and the official WireGuard® app now use.

We bundled up all the improvements into a more generic framework and merged them with WireGuard’s official code, making it easier for anyone wanting to use WireGuard in their iOS apps.

Download the app

Download Mullvad VPN on the App Store. We've got a user guide if you need help with installation and usage.

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