New Android release (2020.5-beta2) integrates audit recommendations

17 June 2020  NEWS

Among the improvements in the latest beta version of the Mullvad VPN app for Android are two suggestions for improvement from a recent external audit.

Android app leaves “good impression”

The auditors reported that the Android “application makes a really good impression. No serious issues were spotted and the attack surface is kept very small in this case.” Read about the audit and when to expect the final report to go public.

What’s new in this version

  • In the Settings menu, the amount of time left on an account is now shown in days if less than three months remain.
  • In split-screen and pop-up modes, the app is now fully scrollable.
  • Fixed various small bugs.

Security fixes

  • Disable the ability to take screenshots or screen recordings of app views that show potentially sensitive data (such as account number). This fix addresses audit finding MUL-02-003.
  • Ignore touch events when another view is shown on top of the app in order to prevent tapjacking attacks. This fix addresses audit finding MUL-02-003.
  • Disable the ability to disconnect or connect the app from a locked screen.

Download the app

Download Mullvad VPN on Google Play.

We've got an Android set-up guide if you need help with installation and usage.

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