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Reopened: Resolved: Update: Problem with OpenVPN potentially affecting connectivity for users

12 May 2020  NEWS

Reopened 2020-05-20: there is still some connectivity issues (OpenVPN) - we're investigating 


Resolved. Please send a mail to if you still have problem. Thanks.

Update 2020-05-12: We are rebooting all the OpenVPN servers, you might be disconnected briefly


If you’re connected to Mullvad VPN but still have trouble reaching the internet, please try another location server or switch to WireGuard®.

We are currently investigating a problem in which ports on our OpenVPN servers fail to pass traffic through the VPN tunnel. If you are experiencing this, try one of these two options in the Mullvad VPN app:

  • click on the Switch location button and choose a different location or server
  • use WireGuard instead of OpenVPN: Click on the gear icon > Advanced. Under Tunnel protocol, select WireGuard.

A new version of the Mullvad VPN app (2020.4) was released earlier today and uses WireGuard by default on macOS and Linux. Android and iOS users of the Mullvad app are not affected by this issue.