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WireGuard is no longer the new kid

30 March 2020  WIREGUARD

It’s been three years since we first started offering the chance to test a new VPN protocol called WireGuard with Mullvad. Yesterday evening, WireGuard’s first stable version was distributed with the release of Linux 5.6.

This event marks a major milestone for WireGuard. Although the VPN protocol has been stable for a while, features that are included in Linux kernel releases must first make it through an extensive review process.

If you haven’t tried it yet, using WireGuard in the Mullvad VPN app is pretty straightforward. Or check out our repository of WireGuard guides and FAQs.

WireGuard will automatically be built in to all Linux kernels from this point forward. For Linux distributions that don’t already have WireGuard support, it’s only a matter of time.