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Upgrade to new app (2020.3) all previous versions no longer supported

20 February 2020  MULLVAD APP

All users (Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux) of Mullvad VPN app are urged to upgrade to the latest release. All versions older than 2020.3 are now unsupported.

Download the latest version of the Mullvad VPN app.

Because of two bugs recently found and fixed, we have deprecated all previous versions and encourage all users to upgrade, even if you are not affected. Moving forward, we’re making changes to our pre-release testing process in order to prevent similar situations.

What’s new in this version

Resolved potential for traffic leaks

In this version, we fixed a bug that exists in versions 2020.1 and 2020.2 and causes the app to disconnect every few hours under the default settings. Users with both “Launch app on start-up” and “Auto-connect” enabled would not be affected as the app would automatically reconnect.

Affected users would be at risk of involuntarily leaking traffic until they reconnected, so we no longer support those versions.

Recapping last week’s DNS leak vulnerability

As mentioned in last week’s release of 2020.2, we found and fixed a DNS leak vulnerability that can happen under specific circumstances. While debugging the issue, we discovered that it has been present on all previous versions of the desktop app (2018.1 through 2020.1). As a result we deprecated all previous versions.

With these older versions, you are not affected if you have “Local network sharing” disabled (this is the app’s default setting).

If the setting is enabled, and if your default DNS resolver is located on the local private network, then DNS leaks can occur while the app is in one of three non-connected states:

  • while trying to connect
  • while blocked because of an error
  • while disconnected with the “Block when disconnected” setting enabled.

You are not affected while connected.

Download the app

Download the Mullvad VPN app for Android (beta), Windows, macOS, and Linux users. We've got set-up guides if you need help with installation and usage.

Know of someone unable to access our website? Point them to Mullvad's onion address on Tor or Mullvad's GitHub page.