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This blog post is 5 years old and may be out of date.

Secure WiFi, happy LiFi

Privacy tips 

Is anybody reading over your shoulder? Sure? Look again. Hard to know when you are on your device, but some WiFi networks are hostile networks that see every move you make.

The Man-in-the-Middle attack (MitM), a form of eavesdropping, is one of the most common hazards on public networks. Not on all WiFi networks, but definitely some.

To put it briefly (and really skip at least 71 hops): when you use a device, that doesn't use strong encryption, to send any data through the Internet, from point Wi (device) to Fi (website), it is entirely exposed. It will be open for a cyber attacker to get in between these transmissions. Some might read, steal and even use that information against you.

Even when using encryption, you reveal to all the hops between you and the site you are visiting the fact that YOU are visiting site X, when and for how long. This makes profiling of you and your interests possible and this information can then be used or sold to third parties in order to target ads, or even something worse.

Solution: secure your information!
However, if you use a VPN all your internet traffic is encrypted and you are protected from being spied on, protected from all other users on that local WiFi and also the WiFi service provider. You also mask what site(s) you are visiting.

You will most certainly be more secure. Clothed with both belt and suspenders from online threats. Now that eavesdropper needs to be in the same room as you, IRL and they would be revealed to you in a split second.


How to get Happy LiFi:

  • Change the default password on your WiFi, turn on WPA2!

  • Lock your company’s WiFi and open a guest WiFi for visitors

  • When you use public WiFi, use a VPN service. It will encrypt all internet traffic and protect you from your local environment eavesdropping on you.

  • Read more about how you can take control over your privacy


For the universal right to privacy,