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Mullvad VPN in 821 words

28 June 2019  NEWS

What are you agreeing to when you decide to use our VPN service? More importantly, what are we promising to you?
The answers to those big questions now live in one place – in our Terms of Service.

"Ugh, yet another endless scrolling page of legal terms that I will never read but will blindly accept." If that was your instant reaction on reading "Terms of Service," then we're right there with you

In this day and age, having a ToS is a legal obligation, but for us that doesn't mean it also has to be complex and ridiculously long (although our lawyers might disagree). That's why we worked really hard to write ours in plain, understandable English and keep it as short as possible.

Brand new page, same great service

Don't fret, our service hasn't changed. We've had the equivalent of a Terms of Service all over our website, only now we've consolidated that information into one place. We want to be very clear about what we offer, and publishing a readable ToS ensures that we are committing ourselves to what we say.

The process of creating our ToS has also revealed the information that we've made unclear to our customers or that has been difficult for them to find. For example, we have often lamented when reading reviews of our VPN service stating that we have no refund policy. We do! But it's our own fault for not putting that fact front and center. All the good and important stuff is now in our lovely, little Terms of Service.

What exactly is 821 words?

As quoted from our Privacy is a universal right post, "The user agreement for the app of a certain hamburger chain in Sweden contains 3,094 words, with a link to a privacy policy that is 3,092 words long – in total, around 22 printed pages."

The Beatles' song "Yellow Submarine" contains 228 words. "Dancing Queen" by Swedish pop group ABBA contains 202.

In essence, Mullvad's 821-word Terms of Service is the equivalent to four pop songs (821 as of publishing this post).

If you've made it to the end, impressive! Now reward yourself by actually reading those words.