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Are We Worthy of Your Trust?

28 March 2019  NEWS

Our privacy tools require that you, our users, trust us. You should feel confident in expecting us to fulfill our commitment toward you, now and in the future.
This is also the reason why security will be deeply ingrained in our company’s culture, forever.

Users expect their VPN provider to be honest with them and, in turn, the VPN provider merits their trust. The user must feel confident that their personal information isn’t misused, their web browsing habits won’t be abused, and that their data isn’t handed over to third parties unexpectedly.

Trust is a fragile thing; difficult to build, easy to lose

Security is the way we gain trust in our systems, so that we can earn it from our users in return. Ultimately, our philosophy calls upon us to build solutions that rely less on trusting human character, and more on technology and mathematics.

Your privacy is essential, fundamental and crucial to us. This is why we, together with other VPN providers, are working with the non-profit, human rights focused Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT). Together, we have developed a list of questions we believe a trustworthy VPN service should be able to answer truthfully and thoroughly (you’ll find them here).

Ten years striving for trust

We launched Mullvad VPN service in March of 2009, blazing the trail for internet security, to protect the universal right to privacy. Ten years have passed and we can’t predict the future, but the next 10 years of development will be crucial for privacy. At Mullvad VPN we will do our best to keep you secure.

All for the right, all for trust,