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Two-year anniversary

15 March 2019  NEWS WIREGUARD

Two years fly fast. They pass you by and leave us with a load of memories. Sometimes it’s important to stop running and instead sit down and reflect upon what has happened with time.
Therefore, let’s look back on the two years that have passed.

This week marks the second anniversary of our VPN services using the non-battery-draining, super smooth protocol WireGuard. It started out with one Mullvad server back in March 2017. Like a flag on the moon, we were the first live VPN service with WireGuard (!). One month later, our first server was set up in the US.

Since we'd been supporting WireGuard with both money and thoughts, and when summer peaked that same year, we finally could set up server-to-server connectivity to put multiple server jumps between the users and the Internet, thus enhancing privacy even more.


In May 2018, we reached another hallmark: eighteen Mullvad VPN locations with WireGuard servers. Fast-forward to July that same year and our first Mullvad VPN WireGuard server with 40Gbps Internet was up and running. Normally, a VPN server has a 1Gbps interface to the Internet!

When Santa Claus dusted off his sleigh last year, after hard work by the brilliant WireGuard team, their super smooth VPN protocol app was released on Appstore for iOS. It doesn´t matter which mobile device you’re on: you can now surf anonymously with our VPN service.

In order to support every user, we have been adding server after server and country after country. Today, as of this week, we have 57 servers in 42 locations!

We’re getting local, we’re getting global  and most of all we look forward to seeing what the future holds.

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