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Privacy with multihopping made easier


Increasing online privacy for our Linux and WireGuard users just got easier. With our new online tool, the configuration file needed for multihopping is automatically generated.

Get started!

Follow our Easy WireGuard + Mullvad setup guide, which makes use of the new configuration generator.

Power users may prefer our advanced, terminal-only guide.

What is multihopping?

When using Mullvad, your traffic is sent from your computer, through an encrypted tunnel, to one of our servers. From there, it assumes one of our IP addresses and exits at your intended destination.

With multihopping, your traffic passes through more than one of our servers, each time being re-encrypted and reassigned a different IP.

Multihopping improves privacy

With each added "hop" to another server, your online anonymity and privacy are further increased. Connecting through multiple locations also makes it that much harder to trace your activity.

Due to the additional hops that your traffic takes, you may notice slower performance.