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Update your app – new stable version (2018.4)

16 October 2018  NEWS MULLVAD APP

Update your Mullvad VPN app to the newest stable release (2018.4) for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Download the app now. If you need help with installation and usage, we've got guides for that!

For those unable to access our website, GitHub also hosts the app's download file.

Linux users: If you have the old, deprecated Mullvad client installed, please uninstall it before installing the new app.

Release highlights

If you tested our most recent beta releases, the majority of these updates will be familiar to you.

These are the key updates since our last stable release:

  • compatibility with Airdrop, Handoff, and similar services
  • visibility of the Quit button without needing to scroll in the Settings menu
  • if the app temporarily can't verify your account number when logging in, you will still be able to use the app as normal; if you've entered an invalid number, the app will signal this once you try connecting
  • the name of the VPN server (e.g. us-nyc-015) is now shown rather than its public IP address
  • periodic updates of the server locations list without having to restart the app
  • a fix that addresses issue MUL-01-001 in our recent security audit
  • the option to configure OpenVPN mssfix under Advanced settings
  • (Windows) fewer disruptions in VPN connection for those with an unstable Internet network
  • (Windows) improved connection speed for TCP protocol users
  • (Windows and Linux) fewer DNS-related issues
  • (Linux) a bug fix that, in certain distributions, prevented Internet access while connected to the VPN
  • (Linux) if you're a terminal user, you no longer need to create a symlink. the CLI binary is installed into /usr/bin/
  • (Linux) better support for scaling, and high-resolution monitors.