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Released: 2018.4-beta2

11 October 2018  MULLVAD APP

Windows, macOS, and Linux users – try the latest beta version of our VPN app.

Download version 2018.4-beta2 now:

For those unable to access our website, our GitHub page also hosts the app's download files.

Highlights of this release

Some of the key updates include

  • visibility of the Quit button without needing to scroll in the Settings menu
  • showing the name of the VPN server rather than its public IP address
  • (Windows) fewer disruptions in VPN connection for those with an unstable Internet network
  • (Windows) improved connection speed for TCP protocol users
  • (Windows and Linux) fewer DNS-related issues.

What is a beta release?

A beta release is usually the final test version of a piece of software before the next official version is released. This means that bugs may still exist even though the software has been tested internally.

But that's exactly why beta releases occur, so that external users like yourself can test the software and give us valuable feedback.

If you'd rather wait for the next official release, though, that's ok too. The latest official, non-beta version is always available on our download page.